40’ Motor Coach: Taking a Big Group on a Luxury Trip

What if you want the luxury experience of a true, limousine-style bus…but you have to host a group of people that would stretch the capacity of just about any vehicle out there on the market?

Then there’s only one option for you: our 40’ Motor Coach.

But you shouldn’t simply choose the 40’ Motor Coach because it’s an issue of necessity. Yes, the capacity serves a practical purpose, and it may be your only option. But it’s also a great option for a whole plethora of reasons:

  • A Charleston-area chauffeur. Knowing the area well is key to ensuring that your trip goes as smoothly as possible. After all, you’re not going to enjoy your trip if you get lost, take the long way around, or simply don’t trust your driver to get you from A to B in a timely fashion. When you’re hosting a wedding party, for example, you’re typically on a very fun but very strict schedule—and your chauffeur needs to be able to handle that schedule with the utmost confidence. These drivers have also undergone thorough training, completing Forbes’ 5-star certification.
  • Capacity, capacity, capacity. Sure, it’s great to take a nice intimate limousine ride, too—and we certainly have the luxury vehicles in our fleet to accommodate that. But when it comes to a big party, there’s simply no getting around the fact that you need a lot of capacity. Not only do you have a big group, but you can’t enjoy a luxury ride if your big group is all cramped together. The 40’ coach is also great for sightseeing tours because it allows people to enjoy the ride comfortably—the way a ride was meant to be.
  • Sometimes, a big wedding means certain logistical problems—rather than planning a party, you’ll feel like you’re making plans for an invasion of the reception hall. It shouldn’t have to feel like that. If you have 55 passengers who need moving, these coaches are the perfect—and only—option for getting it done quickly and with the luxurious feel that only a wedding can have.
  • Hosting big family events. Have a big family reunion across state lines? Need to move a large group that’s going on the same vacation at the same time? Then not only do you need a lot of passenger space, but you need to be able to enjoy the ride—it’s a vacation, after all. Only the 40’ Motor Coach can give you the adequate space you need while still giving the feel of an intimate, luxury ride.

When you’ve got to move a heck of a lot of people across a lot of distance, and you want to do it in luxury, there’s really only one place to turn in our entire fleet. And that’s the 40’ Motor Coach. Contact Marquee Limo to inquire about booking one for your wedding, vacation, or sightseeing tour—even if you’ve got more than 55 passengers and need to book more than one vehicle.

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