Charleston, SC Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Tips & Ideas

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There are few nights that feel as spontaneous as your bachelor or bachelorette party. But the truth is, a quality prenuptial party takes a good deal of planning on the part of the best man or maid of honor. If you find yourself planning a Charleston, SC bachelor party or bachelorette party, here are a few tips to make things easier for you and to help ensure everyone has a great time.

Tip #1: Know where you want to go before you go there!

“Winging it” is great for an average night on the town where you have no expectations. But when you’re running a Charleston, SC bachelor or bachelorette party, there’s an expectation that you’ll have a good time. That requires a bit of planning.

  • Go online and research some venues. Finding bachelor/bachelorette party-friendly sites is your priority here. Read online reviews and call ahead to see if a venue can handle a group as large as yours. This includes reservations at a restaurant.
  • Plan a second spot, or even a “backup to your backup plan.” Sometimes you might head out to a bar to enjoy yourself and find that it’s not quite up to the energy of your party. That’s fine. Have a second or even a third spot in mind so your night can continue without a hitch. Your limousine driver will be happy to transport you.

Of course you’ll want to have a fun and even a spontaneous night to some degree, but just a little bit of proper planning ahead of time can spare you some major headaches.

Tip #2: Give the night a special touch for the bachelor or bachelorette.

A Charleston, SC bachelor/bachelorette party might have the feel of a night on the town, but in truth it’s a rare event for the person of honor. Give it a special touch by bringing the right music—say, their favorite song—or simply having their favorite drink ready for them. These little touches can boost their spirits and kick the night off on the right note.

Call your Charleston limousine company ahead of time if these special plans include anything that your driver will need to be aware of. If the limousine company is worth its salt, they’ll be happy to help.

Tip #3: Book your Charleston bachelor/bachelorette party transportation ahead of time.

You should never feel shy to ask about the details of your limousine reservation. Be sure to ask about the essentials, such as the number of people your limousine can hold or how to arrange for music and drinks. Without these details set ahead of time, you might find that the party becomes a lot more difficult to throw when the big night hits.

Marquee Limo Company is proud of its fleet of vehicles, which is why we offer so many details about our offerings on our site. Our quality limousine service can help with your vehicle arrangements and anything else pertaining to your limousine service for the big night.

Contact Marquee Limo if you’re interested in throwing an amazing Charleston bachelor or bachelorette party soon.

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