Five Tips for Throwing a Great Bachelorette Party

Clear wine glasses being tapped together in cheers.

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no guarantee that every bachelorette party will go smoothly. You’ve likely been to a subpar bachelorette party yourself. You know the kind—poorly organized, with no real plan, in which some people don’t even show up because the prior communication was so bad.

If you’re in charge of throwing a bachelorette party, don’t let this happen to the bride-to-be. Take our advice instead:

  1. Do something the bachelorette will definitely enjoy. There’s the old stereotype of the bachelorette party—a group of women heading out to a few bars to enjoy a last night out before tying the knot. But what if the bachelorette never really liked going out to party? What if they’d much rather do a wine tasting in California wine country? What if they’d rather not do a lot of drinking at all? Look for activities in your city that your bachelorette would choose to do on their “ideal” weekend—and work to make it happen.
  2. Get organized. If you’ve never been the organizing type, now’s the time to start. Throwing a bachelorette party means having a proper guest list, creating an itinerary, booking a venue (if applicable), and, yes, booking the limousine. If you’re a week removed from a bachelorette party and none of the above is accomplished, you’re basically improvising—and improvisation might sometimes work in comedy, but it’s not a consistent performer when it comes to parties.
  3. Communicate. Don’t think we don’t see you rolling your eyes at this one. Yes, “communicate” is true enough that it’s become cliché advice. But think about the areas in which most party hosts don’t communicate. They don’t tell you what to bring, they don’t tell you what to pack, they don’t tell you anything except the date and time. Don’t be that kind of host. Communicate with everyone involved—and that means following up with RSVPs and distributing an itinerary along with anything that the bridesmaids will be expected to bring. Good communication gets all of the preparation out of the way so everyone’s free to kick back on the big day.
  4. Announce the party with custom-printed invites. There’s no better way to get peoples’ attention for a bachelorette party than custom-printed invites. These can be fun for fun’s sake, sure, but that’s what the whole party’s about. And don’t forget that creating a fun invite is more likely to grab the attention and interest of anyone who’s invited—and, if you’re sneaky, remember it will make them feel bad if they say no to such a stellar invite.
  5. Plan ahead. Asking a hotel to decorate the rooms of the bridal party or getting to a restaurant earlier so you can sit at a decorated table—they’re nice touches that will have everyone appreciate the fact that you were chosen to host.

Extra credit: don’t go anywhere without a limousine. Yeah, we’re biased. But it’s one of the biggest parties of any woman’s life—if there’s ever a time to spring for a limousine, it’s now.

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