How to Surprise Someone with a Limousine

When most people think about limousines, they think about special occasions – the kind of celebrations that involve large groups pooling their money together, or splurging for the one-time expense for a wedding or other special occasion. Many think about limousines not as potential gifts, but as an “occasional” indulgence that can only happen on those major occasions.

You, however, are not most people.

If you enjoy thinking outside the box, then it’s not hard to see how you might use a limousine in your life: as a gift, as a way to give someone a unique experience, and as a way to turn a regular occasion like a birthday or an anniversary into something else entirely.

Setting the Stage: Plan Well in Advance

The best thing you can do is start planning well in advance of the special day. This gives you ample time to sort through a variety of limousine options. You’ll find, for example, that many limousine companies (like Marquee Limo Co.) offer a variety of sizes – limousines and party buses that fit between two people and well, well over a dozen people. You’ll simply need to fit the limousine to the occasion.

If you’re planning a surprise limousine party, for example, you’ll want a party bus. If you’re planning an intimate night out on the town, you can simply rent a car.

Planning in advance also gives you the time to arrange a time with the limousine company itself, letting them know what your plans are. That way you’re more likely to get the day you need – no one wants to work with a fully-booked limousine company that can’t even help its customers.

Making the Day Special

Limousines are a great way to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one, of course, but we think that putting in some extra touches can only work in your favor. You might request that your limousine company puts in some of your significant others’ favorite drink, for example, for an anniversary gift. This “extra mile” of thoughtfulness can be easy to arrange; even limousine companies that don’t offer that service will often allow you to pack your own libations.

You’ll also want to think of some great destinations to give the limousine chauffeur well in advance. A night out on the town is about the journey, of course, but it’s also about the destination.

Bringing it All Together

Planning a surprise limousine gift is about one final touch: the reveal. You can coordinate with your driver and know what time at which they expect to pick you up; try to make sure that your gift recipient has that time free and, if you’re really ambitious, that they’re looking the right way when the limousine drives up. When you say “Happy Birthday!” or “Happy Anniversary!” you can expect to see their eyes light up like you’ve never seen before. There’s a little magic in a limousine ride, after all, and the ones you love will cherish the surprise.

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