Is Your Low-Cost Limousine Ride Really Worth the Savings? Don’t Get Swindled!

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There’s a reason the word “cheap” comes with more connotations than a more innocent word like inexpensive. When you buy something that’s “cheap,” you sometimes have to deal with the consequences of its low price: shoddy service, poor product construction, and more.

If you’re looking for a low-cost limousine ride for your next big occasion, it will help to know the difference between cheap and affordable, between shoddy and inexpensive—between low-quality and high-quality.

When Saved Money Isn’t Worth It

It’s not just penny-pinchers who are constantly on the lookout for a bargain. Anyone who’s remotely budget-minded will seek out limousine services that are as affordable as they are high-quality. But that doesn’t mean you should necessarily look for the lowest-cost limousine service, the same way you might look for a low-cost air fare. After all, the quality of your next limousine ride hinges upon more than the price tag.

Here are some ways that limousine companies cut costs and pass the “savings” onto you:

  • Cheap, low-quality drinks. It’s essentially a scam: a limousine company cuts its prices and then stocks the limousine itself with nothing but low-quality drinks. Sometimes, they don’t stock any drinks at all—which is fine, if they tell you so upfront. But if a limousine company charges you money for drinks and has nothing but low-quality products on hand, your “low price” was really just “cheap.”
  • Poor service. Quality service tends to come with quality companies, and when it comes to limousines, service is paramount. A limousine chauffeur who offers you little in the way of personal service is often a low-paid, somewhat disgruntled employee thanks to the “inexpensive” approach of his or her superiors. A quality limousine company places a premium on service, and it shows.

Once again, it’s important that you are able to pick quality limousine companies by looking at more than just the price tag.

Experience: The Essential Factor

With all that said, it’s important to remember that a limousine company’s affordability doesn’t necessarily reflect on their quality. A well-run limousine service will offer premium limousines and services for affordable prices simply because they’re an efficient organization that knows how to appeal to customers and takes their services seriously.

If you want to discern the pretenders from the truly dedicated limousine companies, experience should be the deciding factor. As Angi’s List recommends, the amount of years a limousine company has been in business is a great indicator of their ability to offer premium services without charging an arm and a leg. Avoid those limousine companies that seem to pop up out of nowhere offering ridiculous rates—those are the ones looking to make a quick buck off of a budget-conscious consumer.

A little research will go a long way in finding the limousine company that suits your budget as well as your expectations. Of course, we at Marquee Limo Co. know a thing or two about limousine experience and affordability as well—so if you’re interested in finding out our rates, be sure that you check out our Book Now page.

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