Mini-Coach: How to Move a Big Party Group in Style

When you need to move a lot of people to the airport, a concert, or an event like a wedding, only a Mini-Coach will do. But you don’t want to sacrifice quality for size. That’s why our Mini-Coach is one of the most entertaining options in our entire limousine fleet: a combination of size and luxury that’s hard to beat.

Why take the Mini-Coach for your next big party trip? We can think of a few reasons

  • 40-Passenger Capacity: Simply put, if you have a lot of passengers to move, you might have no other options! Fortunately, our Coaches are more than just the ordinary “bus”—and they’re better than the buses that you took field trips on as a kid. And because this “Mini-Coach” doesn’t require as big a group as the usual 55-passenger coaches, you can save on costs even if you have a big party to move.
  • Luxury: Nothing quite sums up the Mini-Coach experience quite like the word “luxury.” It’s evidence just about everywhere on the bus, from the quality of the flooring and sound system to the way the seats feel.
  • Hardwood floors: Speaking of the quality of the flooring, hardwood floors are generally considered a luxury item when you can have them in your home. When you have them in your party bus…well, that’s another level of luxury entirely. The hardwood floors are clean and attractive, making your party feel that much more special.
  • Premium luxury seating: It’s not just about comfort. It’s about a lot of comfort. Gone are the springy, box-like seats that you’re used to. Instead, these seats are form-fitting, comfortable, strong, and firm, giving you a far better travel experience even if you have a long way to go.
  • Card tables: What if you could take the card game with you? That’s the simple idea behind the card tables. They make great places to have conversations, enjoy a game or two, and mix up the trip so you’re not constantly looking forward. Hold tournaments and have a blast even while you’re on the move!
  • Multiple video monitors: Don’t you wish that you could enjoy a movie when you’re on the move in a bus? When you use a Mini-Coach, you can. These monitors are perfect for long-distance trips when you need to stay distracted…or when you simply want to establish a fun party atmosphere for concerts, weddings, and more.
  • Premium microphone/sound system: When you have 40 passengers to deal with, it can be a bit like herding cats. That’s why the sound system is great for informing passengers about their next stops—or simply for having some fun and enjoying everything the Mini-Coach has to offer.
  • Mood lighting: Mood lighting is essential if you’re going to create an ambiance for a party out on the town. With the mood lighting settings on the Mini-Coach, you’ll be able to customize your own experience.

If you want to book one of these Mini-Coaches for your wedding, concert, night out, or even family trip, contact us and let us know when you’ll need one!

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