Pick the Quality Limousine Every Time with These Principles

What’s the secret to avoiding buyer’s remorse when you hire a limousine?

One word: preparation.

Whether you have a lot of money in your budget to set aside for limousine rides or need to set aside a little money to save up for a limousine service, it’s easy to have buyer’s remorse if the experience doesn’t live up to the hype. If you don’t already have a limousine company that you know and trust picked out, the process of hiring a limousine for the first time can be, appropriately, a little daunting.

Until now, that is. With a little preparation and these principles in mind, you should be able to avoid ever picking the wrong limousine company again:

What Do the Wrong Limousine Companies Do?

This is an important question because once you recognize the habits of bad limousine companies, you’ll begin to recognize them as soon as you start inquiring about their services. Here are just a few of the bad habits of limousine companies that don’t quite pass the “smell” test:

  • Charging inordinate upfront fees. Typically, a limousine company will charge a 25-50% upfront fee or deposit for their services. If a limousine company goes far above that—even as high as 100%–that can be a good sign that you need to move to the next candidate.
  • Offering no “preview” of your choice of car. If a limousine company has quality vehicles to provide, they’ll be happy to let you come down and check them out in person before making a decision. Other limousine companies…not so much.
  • Insisting upon their drinks. A cheap bottle of champagne can run you as much as $50-$100…if the limousine company is ripping you off. Avoid this by checking with the limousine company first to see if you can simply bring your own drinks. Most legitimate limousine companies will be happy to allow you to bring your own drinks as long as they’re legal! Quality limousine companies will earn money on the service they provide, not on the exorbitant fees they charge for drinks.
  • Skirting basic certification. An individual doesn’t up and start a limousine company by deciding to drive people around in their car—there’s a process to building a legitimate limousine service that requires certification and licensing. Make sure to check up on the licensing and certification of your limousine service before agreeing to hire them.

Seeking Out Good Limousine Service

With these principles in mind, you should start to recognize the familiar “hints” of bad service. But what about finding good service? The best thing you can do is search around, seek out referrals, and follow up on limousine companies by getting in touch with them to see how much they’re willing to talk with you about their offerings. Generally, the better the limousine service, the more willing they’ll be to tell you all about their fleet, their experience, and their chauffeurs.

Don’t get ripped off: do your due diligence, recognize the signs, and make a confident decision the next time you hire a limousine.

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