The Five Worst Limousine Rider Mistakes

No one wants to be that person.

You know the type: the kind of person that permanently enters everyone else’s “stories to tell”—and not in a good way. In the world of limousines, every chauffeur has a story about that person, and if you plan on enjoying your limousine in style, you’re going to want to do everything in your power to avoid becoming that.

Fortunately, we can tell you the five most common mistakes made by that person, and how to avoid them:

Mistake #1: Drinking too much. We’ve all been there before. One moment you’re saying “why not one more drink?” and the next, you’re asking yourself “why did I drink so much?” Overindulging is one of the worst mistakes you can make during a night on the town because it impairs your judgment, inhibits your full enjoyment of the night, and can even lead to risky and downright dangerous behavior. Yes, you’ve made the responsible decision to employ a chauffeur for the night’s festivities, but if you want to remember a great night without regret come the next morning, you’ll pace yourself.

Mistake #2: Putting no research into your hiring decision. This one happens before the big night, but it definitely affects the big night. If you enter a search for limousine services into Google and click on the first thing you see, the instinct is to trust the search engine’s results and not do any background research whatsoever. But when a subpar limousine that looks nothing like what you saw on the website shows up, you’ll realize that you should have researched the company a little more beforehand.

Mistake #3: No music. There’s a reason just about any major party will hire a DJ—music is the difference between a casual evening on the town and a swanky, thrilling adventure. It’s the music that helps get your other guests in the mood for a great night, and if you didn’t plan for music, you’ll be stuck with what the limousine offers. Sure, a limousine might be able to give you just the right party atmosphere you want—if they’re a quality limousine service.

Mistake #4: Not keeping in touch with the limousine company. Last minute changes are inevitable in any type of business that requires booking. If you need to postpone or change your plans at the last minute, you’ll need to keep tabs with your limousine company. Keep their number handy so you can contact them with any last-minute changes and make sure that you know whether or not they have any cancellation fee policies in place. And make sure you remember about that deposit you made, too.

Mistake #5: Know the limousine vehicle first. It may say “seats 10” on the web page, but does that really mean a limousine will comfortably seat your party? Make sure you know the vehicle you’re booking for your next limousine event so there aren’t any surprises on the big night.

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