Three Questions to Ask A Limousine Company Before Making a Commitment

Don’t you ever wish that the first time you worked with a new company, you knew how to “tell” whether or not they were going to deliver on the value you pay them?

True: no one customer has a crystal ball. Just like investing in the stock market, making a purchase is a risk—a risk that you hope you’ll get your money’s worth. And when you purchase a service like a limousine, the risk feels even greater. There has to be some way of knowing left from right when you buy from a limousine company, right?

We think there is. Here are three important questions that will help you discern whether or not a limousine company is willing to go the extra mile for you:

“What size limousine do I need?”

As you see at our fleet page, Marquee Limousine tells you exactly how many people each limousine option can accommodate. There are no tricks here, no upsells that suggest you need more space than you really should purchase. That’s why we recommend the following:

  • Look at a limousine’s “fleet” page to see if they offer similar information about the capacity of their vehicles. Write down the one most appropriate for your group.
  • Call the limousine company and tell them the size of your group, and what they recommend. If they give you the appropriate vehicle, that’s a great sign. If they try to sell you a few levels “up,” then you might want to be a little suspicious of whether they really have your best interest at heart.
  • If the limousine company tries to “upsell” you, explain your limited budget. If they continue, then know that they really don’t have your best interests at heart.

True, some limousine companies will say that it can’t hurt to have a little extra space…but you should also expect a limousine service to be upfront with you about what you really need. How much space you want is up to you, but you should never feel pressured to buy more than you need.

“What kind of amenities do you provide?”

This is a common question and any limousine service worth their salt will be able to tell you right away. Even if a limousine company doesn’t offer many amenities, if they’re at least upfront about this limitation (and tell you, quite honestly, that they pass the savings onto the customer), then that’s a good sign.

Any answer that’s vague about amenities, however…well, that’s a little less trustworthy.

“What do you charge?”

Of course, much of any purchase comes down to dollars and cents in the end, so if you have to use one more question to help you determine whether or not a limousine company is for you, look at their price. Straightforward prices are great—straightforward bargains are better. Be wary of any limousine company that doesn’t offer straightforward charges and includes a host of mysterious fees.

You’ll notice a theme in these questions: it’s better to get a straight answer from a company, even when the answers don’t make them look so good. It’s the companies that dodge valid questions that you have to look out for. At Marquee Limo, we think customers appreciate a more direct approach. Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer three questions—or more.

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