What Is A Party Bus… and Why Rent One?

What if your party could move? That’s the simple question that our 20-passenger limo bus answers. With everything from wet bars to a light show, this bus is more than just a limousine experience—it’s a party so good that you’ll never want the party bus to stop. Perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties and nights out on the town, there may be no better way to experience a fun Friday or Saturday night than with a party that actually moves.

If you want to know what it’s like inside the party bus, keep reading to find out why this party bus is a step above the usual limousine experience.

Features of the 20-Passenger Limo Bus

All that space is great, but the interior is what puts the party in “party bus.” And that’s where our party bus really shines, thanks to the following features:

  • Two flat screen TVs. Why two? So everyone in the party can enjoy what you’ve got playing onscreen. These are perfect for playing music videos, movies for the road, or simply setting the mood with a unique video ambiance.
  • iPhone hookups are essential if you want the party to go exactly as you plan flat-screenit. After all, what’s a party without the right tunes? Simply put together your own custom playlist and hook your mobile device right up to the party bus to enjoy the music you’ve
  • Two wet bars allow you to pour and serve drinks conveniently and cleanly. Think of the party bus as something of a nightclub…except it just so happens to be attached to an engine and some wheels.
  • A light show is the Pièce De Résistance—nothing will get a party going quite like a light show. Sure, you might set the ambiance with a few nice songs and a couple of drinks, but when the lighting changes, that’s when you know you’re really cutting loose.
  • A seven foot ceiling makes moving around much easier, ensuring that the most possible guests can get around without ducking and bending over. It’s not much of a party if you can’t move, after all.

Why a Party Bus and Not a Conventional Limousine?

The conventional stretch limousine has plenty of advantages, comforts, and amenities. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t offer it ourselves. But the party bus is for a different kind of experience: it’s more like a simulation of a night club, allowing guests to stand and move around with ease while enjoying drinks, light shows, videos, and music. Although a traditional stretch limousine can offer many of these comforts, it’s the ceiling height that really makes the difference between a laid-back time and a full-on party.

If you want to organize a birthday or bachelor/bachelorette party in the Charleston area, we recommend the 20-passenger Party Bus for small to moderate-sized events. To reserve your own, simply contact Marquee Limo Co or call us up and let us know when to schedule your next party on wheels.

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