What You Need In Your Limousine Party Playlist

When you imagine the ideal limousine party, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

The limousine might come first, of course. The quality of your party bus or stretch limousine is certainly going to have a major impact on how much fun you have.

The company you keep is just as important. If your friends aren’t having a good time, there’s a good chance you aren’t having a good time, either.

But there’s something no good time can do without: good music. The music sets the tone for the entire evening: it helps people cut loose and get excited for the night. And deep down, you know that the quality of the music is at least partly responsible for the quality of the party.

There’s just one problem: you don’t know the first thing about creating a fun playlist.

First Things First: What’s the Context?

For parties, context is everything. You wouldn’t play techno music for a night of cocktails and conversation just as you wouldn’t play cool jazz at a bachelorette party. To understand the context, ask yourself two questions:

  • What type of limousine are you using? Browse through our fleet of limousines and look at all of the different options. For smaller, more intimate parties, laid-back cocktail music might be appropriate so you can still hear each other talk. For large party buses, you need to up the tempo—and the volume.
  • The kind of party you’re throwing is just as important. We offer a range of limousine services that includes everything from heading to sporting events to pub crawls. Match the music to the event—not just the limousine.

Three Ways to Discover Great Music

Now that you’ve considered the context, it’s time for the real nitty-gritty: actually finding the tunes for your playlist. There are a few ways to do this.

  • Browse through an app like Spotify or Pandora for music discovery. Running a search on Spotify for pre-existing playlists, such as “Bachelor party,” will help you discover tunes you can save to your own Don’t be afraid to play the DJ and take only the songs you enjoy.
  • Check out the Billboard charts to see what’s hot right now. You’ll have to do some curating to find songs that match your party, but it’s a great place to start for up-to-date music suggestions.
  • Search through some of your favorite artists for new songs of theirs you haven’t yet discovered. This is a great way to find new music that’s in the genre you need.

Use Your Playlist in the Limousine

Once you have a playlist in the application of your choice, be sure to bring it with you to the limousine. Call ahead when you book with us to make sure we can accommodate your device. From there, you’ll be ready and armed with a playlist that you know will set the tone for your party.

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